Ignite Interest

When tasked with speaking for 5 minutes about any topic, there is nothing that I would rather speak to than the New England Patriots. It is easy for me to talk about the Patriots with genuine emotion, so as not to sound forced, which is key when narrating a slideshow. Any student knows that there is nothing more boring than a lecture that is PowerPoint only; this is often referred to as death by PowerPoint. While the information may come across in the way that the teacher intends it to, it is not efficiently absorbed by the students. At the same time, as part of UDL, it is important to have an audio and visual component with any presentation, in order to reach ALL students. By creating a PowerPoint of only pictures, with the slides advancing automatically, the student is able to truly connect the visual with the audio, fluidly. Many times a student is trying to create connections in their head, but struggle to anchor them before the next slide is advanced; by isolating hearing from reading, true anchored connections can be made.


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