Visions of Students Today

When thinking about the main concept of the project Visions of Students Today, I wanted to highlight my world, and the learning that takes place both formally and informally, from my point of view. Upon watching the original submission video, and the original submissions, I immediately thought of my childhood home, but more specifically to my backyard. For the first 18 years of my life that was where the most learning took place for me; I would run around and experience life in its purest and most beautiful form, which I really wanted to highlight in my video. The combination of indoor learning, where I would study until all hours of the night, and the outdoor learning, where I would learn through trial and error, no place has as much value to me as my childhood home does. To me, interacting with the environment and with one’s surroundings is the most powerful learning that can take place; I am proud to have learned so much from a single place.


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