Common Core Reading Standards

The impact that the implementation of Common Core has had can be felt in education mediums all across the country; from English to Math, and all subjects in-between, Common Core is changing the way we view education. Much of the change has been met with opposition, which was not unexpected, but it is important that we continue to keep an open mind, as it is very young.

For my research I set out to discover whether or the not the Common Core reading standards are in line with what today’s children need to learn and be exposed to, based on the pace of modern society. It is important to me that we must figure out if we are keeping up with today’s ever-changing pace of life, or if we are just saturating our students with information that will not be pertinent to them when they graduate.

Over the course of my research I learned a lot more about Common Core as a whole than I had known before. For example, when I chose this topic I was hoping to expose fallacies that I might find in order to keep my negative opinion going, but I had a strong change of heart. While I do not agree with the system as a whole, I believe that intentions were good when they were developing the standards.

It is important recognize that there are both positives and negatives to the system, and I recognize both sides. Education is complex, there are many levels and people that need to be involved in order for the system to benefit everyone as it is set up. While I understand that high stakes testing and grading teacher performance on student’s test scores is not the best system, it is difficult to think about other options.

I believe that the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts are assessing students on skills that will help make the good global citizens in the future. The standards are rigid in structure but fluid in nature, and if it is determined that changes need to be made, I have faith that they will be made accordingly.




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