Major Challenge II, Group 1: Seth, Lauren, Kristin

For the first scenario, our group was presented a situation in which one of our students, Marvin, has been identified for inclusion in his school’s RtI math program, based on the first two tests given as part of the tri-annually assessed Universal Screener. Furthermore, Marvin is being considered for Special Education services due to the results from the first two assessments, as they both indicate that he is performing below grade level expectations, and that he is making less than average growth between each of the assessment intervals.

Considering all of this information, our group put together a portfolio that communicated Marvin’s situation to his parents, provided a score goal for the third assessment, as well as a subskill that we will focus on with a five-day intervention plan provided, and lastly a summative analysis based on how he responded that includes how we would act moving forward with Marvin. Check it out!:

For the second scenario, we were tasked with designing a dream software that aims to provide a significant educational impact for a teacher and/or student. After giving careful consideration to the role that theory and practice can play in our design, as well as to the educational impact that our software may have, check out what we created!:



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