Scenario #2

Product name: Biometric Student Check-In

Description: This software has the ability to scan students upon entering and exiting the classroom. This technology uses facial recognition software as well as recognition cues such as body odor, hormones, and more. Once students enter or leave the classroom, a notification is sent to a program on the teacher’s computer that tracks their actions and movements. These can also be placed as check-points in hallways, locker rooms, teacher and principal offices and bathrooms, so teachers can assure when a student leaves the room, they are going to the correct destination. Biometric Student Check-In can also be used in stations in the classroom. While completing station work, this program can check students into each station and teachers can see throughout or after the lesson where each student went and how far they got in the lesson. This program also has the ability to see which students have ate breakfast or lunch (depending on the time of day).

Target Audience: For all teachers, no matter what grade level!

Potential for Educational Impact: Much of the day is spent taking attendance and completing trivial tasks that Biometric Student Check-in would be able to help with. In a study done by Dr. Lisa Monda-Amaya, it was revealed that 12% of the day is spent on attendance and checking in with the class, which takes away from overall learning time. With technology advances, it could also reveal if the student is underfed (as many students are in the at risk areas we may be teaching) which in that case food could be provided by teacher or school. Many technology advanced schools now use key FOBS in the classroom to complete a similar task, and this is the next technological advance. The more information known about students is always helpful for getting them where they need to be and helping them on the road to success. It helps teachers monitor student actions, stress levels, and more.

Visual Design and User Interaction (drawings/sketches/audio/video):

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.20.27 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.20.38 PM


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